CCIE Data Center – Coming Soon

The Cisco Data Center Career track is one of the newest and now the most sought after certification in the IT industry today from its initial 2012 release. The CCIE Data Center certification enables you to be an expert in the planning, preparation, monitoring, and troubleshooting complex data center networks. CloudMyLab intends to offer a CCIE Data Center version 2 rack. Our CCIE Data Center rack is planned to be built with physical and  actual devices so you can have a hands-on experience in an actual lab scenario to help you with your lab examination.

Our racks are accessible via Telnet or SSH.

APIC Cluster Nexus 9336 ACI Spine Nexus 9372 Nexus 7004

  • Sup2E
  • 48 Port 10Gb (F3 Module)

Nexus 5672 ASA5500-X Nexus 2348

UCS C220 M4 Series Rack Server VIC card for C-Series UCS-6248 Fabric Interconnects UCS-4308 M-Series Chassis

  • UCS M142 Compute Cartridge

UCS-5108 B-Series Chassis

  • B-200 M4 Series Blades
  • Palo Mezzanine card
  • VIC 1340 Card for B-Series

Dual attached JBODs Nexus 1000v

The topology for CCIE Data Center V2 will be available soon.

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