Cisco learning Labs

What is Cisco Learning Labs?

Cisco Learning Labs is an idea to enable students/network Engineers on latest and most innovative Cisco technologies which you can only get your hands on as a Cisco Partner Engineer or Cisco affiliate. We want to bring our student community latest and greatest labs and Cisco Innovations. We want you to be always ready and be ahead of the game.

We build custom Fast Start Bundles (workbook and lab hours) using Lab references from Partner VT, Cisco Live, Cisco learning and our product expertise. We liaison with Industries expert to help us build better labs.? Our Product innovation team has mix of Sales and Technical engineers with varied level of certification from Associate level to Experts. We have 4 CCIE?s and 3 CCNP and 2 CCSI certified members in product innovation team. The objective is to familiarize our students with the product whether you have an upcoming Demo or you want to get a quick hands on before an interview or a deployment session.? It definitely gives your career and certifications a Jump Start.

Typical Fast Start Workbook is created with multiple lab exercises and sub tasks that can be easily accomplished between 4-8 hours depending on the technology.

To enhance your learning experience we have just price them right so it doesn?t break the bank.


What is Fast Start Lab Bundle?

Fast start labs are a combination of workbook and lab hours designed to bring up your learning curve with product knowledge using our concise lab guides focused on the product and how it works. ?There is no obligation to buy the workbook. Workbooks are always free but if you would like to practice the labs you can buy the rack time on our site.

The workbook walks you through product install, integration, GUI/CLI familiarization.?? For Example, one of our ISE 2.1 Fast start will have the following labs

Lab Exercise 1: ISE installation

Lab Exercise 2: Configure Initial Cisco ISE setup, GUI Familiarization, Administrative Interfaces

  • Task 1: Verify Cisco ISE setup using CLI
  • Task 2: Initial GUI login and Familiarization
  • Task 3: Active directory Integration


Lab Exercise 3: Streamlined Visibility

Lab Exercise 4: Easy Connect

There are total 9 Lab Exercise and on the ISE fast start Module.


Cisco Learning labs Fast start Lab bundle are available for the following technologies as of now.


ACI Simulator

UCS Platform Emulator



ASA Firepower Labs

Cisco ISE 2.1 Bundle