Cisco VIRL Hosted Service – BYOL

Cisco VIRL Hosted Service – BYOL (Bring your own License)

If you have your own licenses but do not have the hardware resources to setup a Cisco VIRL lab. Cloudmylab can provide you a VIRL environment that you can customize and use your own licenses.

You get access to Start/Stop the virtual machine hosting the Cisco VIRL instance along with a windows machine to manage the Cisco VIRL Instance using VM MAESTRO or Web Interface. The Cisco VIRL Hosted setup is persistent to cater to your needs, as long you own it, it will never lose your topology or configuration.


You can refer to CML VIRL BYOL Video Lab Guide here.

You can refer to CML VIRL BYOL Documented Lab Guide here.

Cisco Virl Licenses can be purchased from Cisco

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