Do you provide refunds?

Let us define the concept of refunds, In general, all sales are finals and there are no refunds with one exception. You do qualify for rack credits in the situations mentioned below.

Exception: The only time you qualify for a refund when you accidentally buy credits and have no intention of using the credits.

If you even use 1 credit out of purchased credits, you DO NOT qualify for a refund.

Situations Qualifying for Rack Credits

a.) When the in-session issue cannot be resolved in first 30 minutes for a 4 hour session of opening the ticket, we would provide you a full rack credits for the time.

b.) Timely cancellation of the rack schedule (72 hours) 

c.) Special Case Refund Qualified by the Cloudmylab Management.

Non Qualifying Refund Situation

a.) Some feature in your lab is not working. Eg: Routing neighborship not coming up, aaa failure etc, these are qualified as in-lab feature based on the workbooks, so if there are some learning gaps , please dont hold us responsible for it. We guarantee that all our labs are build with highest quality and validated by industry leading CCIE’s.

Note: Treat our LABS as real CCIE labs, so if you do not understand a question or if you can’t get a feature working, neither us or In real time lab Cisco can do anything about it.

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