What is VIRL and how it works?

VIRL, Cisco’s Virtual Internet Routing Lab, which is a powerful virtualization platform that lets you enjoy the convenience of getting a hand on an accurate simulation of real network operations. It is comprised of a number of Cisco Virtual Machines (VMs) that can give you the ability to design a network, configure the Virtual Machines and run an instance or play the simulation with automated configuration and experience a ?real? network.

The Virtual Machines run under Cisco Operating System such as:

  • IOS, IOS Layer-2 Switching
  • Linux Containers
  • Open Stack Cluster
  • Open APIs

The biggest advantage of VIRL is the quick setup and portability. You do not have to do any wiring and troubleshoot your connectivity, saving you from hours of establishing your lab connections and rather enable you to get down to your business with just a quick launch of your VM. VIRL also allows you to save your topology on your machine and pick up where you left of.

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