CCIE Security V5

CCIE Security  V5 Lab Exam is an 8-hour, hands-on test that will validate that candidates have the skills to plan, design, implement, operate, and troubleshoot enterprise Security networks.

CloudMyLab offers rack rentals for CCIE Security V5 to help aspirants with their lab needs.

CCIE Security V5 labs have been built and licensed per the Blueprint from We have made the access simple for our customers using state of the art automation and network tools.

We have worked hard to create a real like lab experience for our customers and ensure 100 percent satisfaction with the services.

We designed our labs with careful consideration and feedback from several CCIE Security takers.

We follow a strict quality process for our labs and they are beta tested by real candidates before we roll out our labs to our customers. We believe in continuous innovation and we take your feedback very seriously.

Our CCIE Security scheduling tool lets you book the rack time in various time slots, starting at minimum four hours and then you can add by the hour based on your need.

You also get an option to book contiguous time slots without restrictions.

Exam Topic for CCIE Security V5 can be viewed here.

Lab Blueprint for CCIE Security V5 can be viewed here.

As of the moment, we will be offering 2 physical a CCIE Security V5 rack. Our rack team is working on adding more racks in the future to help accommodate more clients to practice their lab.

Rack Access Guide: ccie-security-lab-access-guide

Security V5 Physical Lab Equipment: Cisco Catalyst Switch

  • C3750X- 12.2.58 SE ( Supports SXP)

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance

  • 5512-X/5515-X: 9.6.1

Cisco Virtual Wireless Controller


Cisco Aironet

  • 3502i: 15.3.3-JC

Cisco Unified IP Phone

  • 8945: 9.2(3)

Security V5 Virtual Lab Equipment: Security Appliances

  • Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE): 2.1.0
  • Cisco Secure Access Control System (ACS):
  • Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA): 9.2.0
  • Cisco Email Security Appliance (ESA): 9.7.1
  • Cisco Wireless Controller (WLC): 8.0.133
  • Cisco Firepower Management Center Virtual Appliance: 6.0.1 and/or 6.1
  • Cisco Firepower NGIPSv: 6.0.1
  • Cisco Firepower Threat Defense: 6.0.1

Core Devices

  • IOSv L2: 15.2
  • IOSv L3: 15.5(2)T
  • Cisco CSR 1000V Series Cloud Services Router: 3.16.02.S
  • Cisco Adaptive Security Virtual Appliance (ASAv): 9.6.1


  • Test PC: Microsoft Windows 7
  • Active Directory: Microsoft Windows Server 2008
  • Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module : 1.2
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager: 8.6.(1)
  • FireAMP Private Cloud
  • AnyConnect 4.2

Topology 1

CML - CCIE Secv5 Topology 1Topology 2

CML - CCIE Secv5 Topology 2


CML - CCIE Secv5 Topology TS1


50 Tokens
0% discount
1 session
4 hours each
4 rack hours
24/7 Rack Support
Can Save Configuration
Dedicated Access
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200 Tokens
5% discount
4 sessions
4 hours each
16 rack hours
24/7 Rack Support
Can Save Configuration
Dedicated Access
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2500 Tokens
25% discount
50 sessions
4 hours each
200 rack hours
24/7 Rack Support
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Dedicated Access
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Before I buy ?

Q. Do you sell CCIE workbooks
A. No, we don’t sell CCIE workbooks, we only offer a platform for the CCIE lab practice.

Q. Do you offer Solution for the CCIE lab
A. No, we are a platform provider. We don’t provide answers to your CCIE task.

Q. Is this a real CCIE topology published under Topology section?
A. We don’t know, we setup CCIE topologies from different vendors, CCIE study communities, and customer feedback. We do not endorse or promote any workbook Vendor. 

Q. Do you provide initial configuration for CCIE Labs?
A. No, we don’t provide initial configuration. We provide a platform, if you have initial configuration from your workbook Vendor, we will load it for you before your lab starts and you can save the config on the remote desktop securely with your name and we will sync it for you.  A lot of training companies do publish the workbooks with the initial configurations and as long as they publish it publically, we will get it for you. 

Q. Do you provide CCIE Training or partner with any CCIE workbook vendors?

A. No, we don’t provide CCIE or any other training. We do not partner with any workbook Vendors, however, we do recommend CCIE360,, and They are the industry leader and have a stellar reputation in training. For CCIE written, we have found in a great resource.

Q. Why are you labs expensive than other vendors
A. We offer high-quality labs. All our hardware is Genuine Cisco, fully licensed and all the VMS in the labs run on Cisco UCS with SSD’s. Given our quality, our prices are incredibly low.

Q. Do you have Virtual CCIE labs?
A. Yes, we do offer CCIE RS, CCIE SECURITY, CCIE SP Topologies as an add-on our EVE-NG Hosted Services ( EVE-NG Launching Early January 2018). You can lease an EVE-NG instance by the most and run pretty much any virtual device or topology. 

Q. In my Actual lab, I had X things and you don’t have it configured on Device Y. 

A. First, you are strictly bound by Cisco NDA not to discuss your lab with anyone. Second, its a practice lab, it’s an unrealistic expectation to think its a replica of the actual lab.

Q. What if I don’t like your labs? 

A.  We try everything possible to make our customer happy with our services. If you still don’t like our labs and we are not able to provide you working lab environment, we will give you a 100% refund.

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