CloudMyLab offers Greatest CCIE rack rentals starting @ $0.50/Hr and Hosted Services starting @ $0.04/Hr. We support all Cisco Certification tracks, including CCIE Routing and Switching, CCIE Service Provider, CCIE Datacenter, CCIE Collaboration and CCIE Wireless. The labs can be setup according to your lab preference for the Entry, Associate and Professional career levels and we do not limit our labs per vendor.

Our topology supports pretty much all CCIE workbooks including INE, Micronics, CCIE360 and many more. In addition to 24/7 hardware support, CloudMyLab rack rentals come with easy scheduling and advanced automation and utilize the same hardware and software defined by Cisco Systems CCIE lab exam blueprint.

Rack Tokens/Credits DEMYSTIFIED

Think of Tokens/Credits as real dollars. Each Token/Credit purchased is good toward rack rental sessions. The exact number of Tokens/Credits will vary based on technology and number of sessions you are buying. All Technology rack requires you to book for minimum 4 hours.

So, if the cost of a technology rack is $10/hr then you will need to buy 40 Credits to book one session. As an example, CCIE Routing and Switching Racks are priced $1.25/hr, given you need to book for minimum 4 hours, your price for a 4 hour rental will be $5. The more hours you purchase there is deeper discounts that comes with it. Let’s say, you buy 2500 Tokens/Credits, it gets you 2000 rack hours in 500 sessions @ $0.94/hr for CCIE Routing and Switching.


To schedule your CCIE rack rental sessions, log in to your Members account, Select the technology track from the CCIE Rack Rentals Menu on home page, and select schedule for which you want to book a session. Select all the sessions you want, and then click Schedule Labs. It’s that easy! Watch this video to see how it’s done. Our advanced scheduling system will schedule all your consecutive sessions on the same rack if they are available. You are also provided with tools that let you cancel or reschedule your rack sessions without having to contact Customer Support.

How to Schedule

Two Ways you can Schedule your Greatest CCIE rack rentals starting @ $0.50/Hr:
On Demand Immediately rent any currently available rack session in 1 hour increments for a minimum of 4 hours.
Advance Reservation Schedule a session in 1 hour increments for a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 90 days.


All CCIE rack rentals are scheduled in minimum 4 hour sessions using Tokes/Credit system. We use a SAAS platform for our Scheduling system and it has been designed to give you the flexibility to schedule and reschedule your own sessions at your convenience. When consecutive sessions are scheduled on the same rack, you’ll get uninterrupted access for the entire duration of the sessions for an excellent value.

All hosted services and monthly subscription service with no long term commitment.

Rounting & Switching

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CCIE Security v5

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CCIE Collaboration

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CCIE Service Provider

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Hosted Services

CloudMyLab offers Hosted Services, which essentially is Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS) platform which allows you to use  Lab device simulator or Network Function Virtualization (NFV) devices. Our IAAS platform allows you to host any virtual device on our platform as a monthly subscription service. At the moment, we offer Cisco VIRL and GNS3 as monthly subscription service and we plan on adding more based on our customer wish list. The idea behind Hosted labs is to give you convenience to host any virtual device or simulator without breaking your bank. Consumer grade computers are not designed to handle the high IOPS required for running the virtual labs. We are not saying it won’t work but is it worth it?

In essence, we would save you time, money and resources by doing all the heavy lifting required to get everything working. Wouldn’t it be so much convenient that someone actually takes care of all of it for you while you spend time with family or studying.

Cisco VIRL Hosted Service

GNS3 Hosted Service

Small – Pre Licensed

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Med – Pre Licensed

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EVE-NG Hosted Service


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Baremetal 1

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Baremetal 2

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Fast and Reliable

Your time is important to us. We have our services hosted in state of the art datacenter with electric and internet backup. We have a 10Gbps Primary and 2 Gbps bonded backup for connectivity. In 2016, we achieved 99.99% SLA.

100% Up-time

Our racks are built with advanced Cisco platforms and technology. From UCS server to host various virtual machines to our state of the art Cisco FirePower Firewalls. All physical devices are properly mounted and maintained at our secured data center in Fremont California with proper environmental control to ensure all devices are working in perfect condition.

24/7 Free Technical Support

We do not want to leave you unattended. Our amazing 24/7 technical support is always available to jump into action to fix any problem you may have or answer any queries you have in mind.

Lifetime Tokens

Purchased tokens never expire. You can book your labs anytime you want, allowing you to do a one-time purchase and use it at a later time. This will give you the advantage of our discounts and promos.

Custom Lab Support

Our racks support almost all CCIE workbooks such as Cisco 360, INE, CCIECert and Micronics. We also accommodate custom lab setup to suit your study needs.

Please reach out to our support alias or open a ticket by clicking on support.

Custom Hosting

CloudMyLab offers tailor-made suite of services, which you can use for DEMOS, proof of concepts, proof of value or you need couple of high powered servers for your devops team. Give us your wish list and we promise we will make it happen.