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Hosted Emulators

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CloudMyLab stands out with its hosted emulators: GNS3 for hardware-free network building, EVE-NG for seamless virtual emulation, and CML 2.0, providing real network simulations.

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Ansible Automation

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Our Ansible stack features RedHat AAP Server, GitLab CE Server, Rundeck Server, and a Windows Jump Server. Choose from Base, Pro, or Expert Ansible offerings with varied resources. Opt for EVE-NG or Cisco Modeling Labs for efficient Network Emulation.

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Bare Metal

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Logo of Bare Metal
Logo of Bare Metal

CloudMyLab's Bare Metal Hosted Services provide high-performance dedicated servers with a variety of Intel processor options and customizable configurations. Deploy resilient infrastructure effortlessly using single-tenant, non-virtualized hardware. Get a 15% discount with annual billing. Explore our T3, T4, and T5 customizations, optimized for different lab workloads.

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Lab as a Service

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Managed network and programmability labs designed to remove time and technology barriers. Our goal is to improve your team’s ability to test, migrate and deploy newer solutions.

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Learning Labs

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Learning Labs is an idea to enable Learners on the latest and most innovative technologies which you can only get your hands on as a Vendor Partner Engineer or affiliate.

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Proof of Concepts

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We help you determine if the product or service you are buying is right for your organization. All POC labs are backed by our professional services and authorized solutions.

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Managed Colocation

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Our data center solutions offer the customer-centric infrastructure, systems, monitoring, and reach you need. We keep an eye on the future, adapting to the changes in the market, so you don't have to.

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Disaster Recovery

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Disaster Recovery for us means providing a turn-key solution that allows you to securely protect your critical workloads and instantly recover your critical applications and data no matter what kind of disaster strikes.

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Professional Services

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CloudMyLab offers world-class Professional services to cater to all your network and cloud needs. We will deploy and deliver your network infrastructure anywhere across the globe.

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24/7/365 Priority Support


No Special Hardware or Software Needed


No Expensive Hardware or Maintenance


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  • Cost-effective virtual machines and bare metal solutions
  • Competitive pricing that outshines rivals
  • Tailored affordability for solo professionals
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  • Education models for universities and startups
  • Offers full control and scalability
Education Services


  • Tailored solutions for enterprises of all sizes
  • Collaboration with your IT team for seamless integration
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  • Government contract holders with expertise in high-security needs
  • Scalable solutions for deployments of any size
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