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CloudMyLab Partner Program

Having your own custom branded Labs, IAAS, private cloud offering has never been easier than with the CloudMyLab partner program.

A CloudMyLab reseller account offers Learning providers and MSP a reliable and customizable to our partners and provides top-notch engineering and sales support to help you succeed.

    CloudMyLab Partner Program

    Program Details

    Commission Based

    Our Mission is creating the breakthroughs that will make everything from cradle to cloud practical and consumable.

    White Label

    Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower, as Steve Jobs says. We bring innovation to your business which distinguishes you from your competitors, helps you scale faster, optimize your investments and realize your goals.

    Sell With CloudMyLab

    With the accelerating pace of technological innovations, older technologies and processes are steadily falling behind the speed and power curve. Today’s business requires IT that is agile and nimble to keep up with today’s demands.

    Why Choose CloudMyLab?

    Economy of Scale

    Licensing for Various Vendors

    Any Technology, Vendor and Platform

    99.1% SLA

    Highly Secured

    Customized Golden Images

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    1:1 Instance with Zero Downtime

    24/7/365 Priority Support

    No Special Hardware or Software Needed

    No Expensive Hardware or Maintenance

    Special Corporate Pricing

    No Long Term Contract

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    “With CloudMyLab you are inches away to success”


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