Cisco SD-WAN

Cloudmylab Offers a Fully Built Cisco SDWAN On-demand Lab Infrastructure with the latest software and licensing.
Cisco SD-WAN is a software-defined approach to managing the WAN. Key advantages include: Reducing costs with transport independence across MPLS, 4G/5G LTE, and other connection types. SD-WAN is a huge Leg-up over traditional WAN, it’s the new way to consume WAN technologies given the need for bandwidth and application traffic today.

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Our SD-WAN Lab has been designed on Vmware and EVE-NG with a fairly open topology which can be purposed for any POC or Certification Labs.

We currently offer 4 Fully Built POD at this time and Labs can be reserved in blocks of 7 Days.

Cisco SD-WAN Pricing


Latest Viptella Software
Pre-Configured Control Plane
Fully Licensed
20 X vEdges
1 X Jump Box
Console Access
5 Days Dedicated Access

Cisco SD-WAN Topology



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    Hardware and Software

    • Viptela 19.X
    • 20 X vEdges ( Can be Repurposed)
    • 10 X cEDges ( Can be Repurposed)
    • 1 X vBond
    • 1 x vManage
    • 2 x vSmart
    • 1 X jumpHost
    • 1 X CA Server

    Some FAQs Before You Buy

    Getting Started

    • Getting Started Guide on Knowledge Base
    • SD-WAN Troubleshooting Strategies