CloudMyLab offers a Complete end-to-end Managed hosted Lab Solution for Schools, University and Educators.  What that entail is that your Faculty/Instructors can focus on what they are best at vs. managing student labs

CloudMyLab is the only  cloud provider, who has the support for all Emulators (GNS3/CML 2.0/EVE-NG), and it’s not limited to the OS but how the devices inside of emulator functions


CloudMyLab offers Student Control Panel from where students will be able to   perform the following functions: 

  • Power on /Power off VM or Bare-metal Server.
  • See health of their subscribed VM or Bare-Metal Server.
  • Console into the Virtual machine or Bare-metal Server. 

Economy of Scale

Licensing for Various Vendors

Any Technology, Vendor and Platform

99.1% SLA

Highly Secure Access​

Scholarships & Internship for Gifted Students ​

1:1 Instance with Zero Downtime

24/7 Student/Faculty Priority Support

No Special Hardware or Software Needed

No Expensive Hardware or Maintenance

Special Education Pricing ​

No Long Term Contract

Collaboration and Access

We pride ourselves in removing the Complex lab management while keeping it transparent to instructors/Faculty to ensure security, access, and student-teacher collaboration

  • Dedicated Self- Service Portal for students.
  • Instructor insights for student labs.
  • Managed class access.

Hybrid Environments

Cloudmylab is the only Cloud Provide bridging the Gap between all virtual and all hardware. We can offer labs that require physical equipment to make things work; here are a few examples:

  • Cisco SDA 
  • Cisco ACI 
  • Wireless Lab Infrastructure 
  • Labs requiring Physical Hardware for Performance Testing

Huge Cost Saving

  • We Guarantee that you never think of buying any infrastructure or spend your budget on hiring Lab Managers. Our platform and processes make it simple and offer you all kinds of savings. 
  • All-Inclusive Pricing with No Surprises 
  • Special Education Discounts 

SLA and Support

  • 99.9% Service SLA and Support for students.  ​
  • 24/7 Lab Helpline ​
  • Dedicated Account Manager

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