CloudMyLab offers tailor-made solutions for our enterprise customers. Our goal is to understand your needs and present all the possibilities for accomplishing your tasks or projects.  

We go the extra mile to comprehend your use case and provide our expertise to help build it.   CloudMyLab enterprise solutions could be a simple network design made virtually or highly complex multi-tiered architecture with hardware and virtual components.  

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EVE-NG Bare-Metal

Professional Services

All Labs comes with the following:

EVE-NG Pro Licensing

Disaster Recovery

Priority Licensing

24/7/365 Premium Support

Dedicated Account Manager

MultipleAccess Method

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Access to System

Access to all labs are done through a Jumpbox is a windows based system aith all the access utilities like secure CRT, ASDM, Syslog, TFTP server etc.

Jump Box can be accessed through the following methods:

Client Based Remote Desktop

Web Based Remote Desktop

Cisco Any-Connect VPN Client

Supported Devices

Virtual Devices on EVE-NG Cisco

  • Cisco Viptela SD-WAN
  • Cisco StealthWatch
  • Cisco ACS
  • Cisco AMP Private cloud
  • Cisco ISE
  • Cisco ASA
  • Cisco ASAv
  • Cisco IPS
  • Cisco Firepower Management center (FMC)
  • Cisco Firepower Threat defense ASAv (FTD)
  • Cisco Firepower NGIPSv
  • Cisco Firepower 5.4 (NGIPS, FMC)
  • Cisco CSR 1000v
  • Cisco vIOS L3 
    Cisco vIOS L2
  • Cisco DCNM
  • Cisco ESA/WSA
  • Cisco CDA
  • Cisco NXOS9k (VPC/VXLAN Supported)
  • Cisco vWLC
  • Cisco NAM
  • Cisco CUCM
  • Cisco vWAAS
  • Cisco XRvK9

EVE-NG Multi-Vendor

  • Juniper vSRX
  • Juniper Olive
    Juniper vSRX NG
  • Juniper vMX Juniper
  • Juniper vQFX 10K VRE (routing engine)
  • Juniper vQFX 10K VFE (forwarding engine)
  • Juniper VRR
  • Junos Space 
  • Alcatel 7750SR
  • A10, vThunder
  • Apple OSX
  • Aruba Clearpass
  • Aruba Virtual Mobility Controller
  • Arista vEOS
  • VMWare vCenter
  • Barracuda NGFW
  • Brocade vADX
  • Checkpoint
  • Dell SonicWall
  • CumulusVX
  • Cyberoam FW
  • ExtremeOS
  • F5-BIG-IP/IQ
  • Fortinet Manager
  • Fortinet Mail 
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  • Fortinet FGT 
  • Fortinet
  • Huawei USG
  • Huawei Ar1000v 
  • HP VSR 1000
  • Infoblox
  • Mikrotik
  • PaloAlto Panorama
  • PaloAlto FW
  • Pulse Secure
  • pfSense
  • Radware Alteon
  • Riverbed VCX 
  • Silver Peak SD-WAN 
  • Sophos  XG Firewall, SG UTM
  • S-Terra FW, Gate
  • S-Terra CSP-VPN gate
  • TrendMicro FW VTPS
  • Versa Networks SD-WAN
  • VMWare ESXi/Vcenter
  • VMWare NSX
  • VMware SD-WAN/Velocloud
  • VyOS
  • Windows 7/8.1/10
  • Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019
  • Linux Kali x64 Full/x386 light


  • The Scenario-A provides access to cloud lab environment via windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access to a jump server from where we can access the cloud labs.We use higher tcp port range excluding 1023 (well known) ports and translate the standard TCP port 3389 to a higher range randomized port number for access.
  • Also, the RDP access is associated with a username and a strong password authorized using LDAP Server.
  • The firewall will handle the NAT for Jump server and we use a dedicated VLAN or network for JUMP server not shared by another CloudMyLab customer.
  • All the inbound RDP requests will be inspected by firewall and being checked for any illegitimate connections and if found any then it will be dropped by firewall.


  • The Scenario-B provides access to CloudMyLab environment via web-rdp which uses SSL connection.
  • The firewall will handle the NAT for WEB RDP service and we use a dedicated VLAN or network for web RDP service not shared by another CloudMyLab customer.
  • All the inbound WEB RDP request will be inspected by firewall and being checked for any illegitimate connections and if found any then it will dropped by firewall. 


  • The Scenario-C provides access to CloudMyLab environment over CiscoAnyConnect VPNClient.
  • In this scenario CloudMyLab firewall will terminate the VPN connection and inspect the connection.
  • For monitoring and user access/accounting, we use Paessler PRTG to monitor and log the network events activity and Cisco Identity Services Engine for Authentication Authorization and Accounting.