GNS3 Hosted Service

GNS3 hosted service is a month to month subscription service.

At CloudMyLab, we understand your hardships and we do not want you to spend your precious time setting up services to use labs.

That is why we have extended our latest offerings in Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS).

GNS3 hosted service, gives you the advantage to set up a proof of concept or certification lab, available to you on demand.

We have the expertise to set up your custom environment and all you have to do is to connect to our network using your laptop.

GNS3 Hosted service has been designed with top-notch quality on Cisco UCS servers. All our labs are hosted in California, USA with N +1 redundancy to ensure Zero Downtime. We offer GNS3 Hosted Service at exclusively low cost as our way of giving back to the IT community. Our focus is to provide IT professionals with quality GNS3 virtual environment with no limitations on compute and memory resources. With CloudMyLab, you are inches away to success!

4 vCPU
1 Management PC
Unlimited Bandwidth
1 Public IP
24/7 Rack Support
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8 vCPU
1 Management PC
Unlimited Bandwidth
1 Public IP
24/7 Rack Support
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12 vCPU
1 Management PC
Unlimited Bandwidth
1 Public IP
24/7 Rack Support
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20 vCPU
1 Management PC
Unlimited Bandwidth
1 Public IP
24/7 Rack Support
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32 vCPU
128 GB RAM
160 GB SSD
1 Management PC
Unlimited Bandwidth
1 Public IP
24/7 Rack Support
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What is GNS3 and how it works? GNS3 (Graphical Network Simulator) that allows the emulation of complex network topologies via a program called Dynamips on a Linux or Windows based computer. Everyone can download and use it because it is a free open source software. However, GNS3 uses real Cisco IOS images to mimic a network, you need to obtain the images from Cisco and it does not come for free. GNS3 is a graphical network simulator that allows you to design complex network topologies. You may run simulations or configure devices ranging from simple workstations to powerful Cisco routers. It is based on Dynamips, Pemu/Qemu and Dynagen.        

All GNS3 Purchase comes with 2 virtual Machines

  1. GNS3 Server Instance
  2. Windows Management workstation  for accessing your GNS3 Server.

Supported Images Currently available

  • IOS, IOS Layer-2 Switching
  • IOS XE (CSR1000v),
  • IOS XR(XR9000v)
  • ASA-V
  • Linux Containers
  • Windows VM using Virtual box
  • Cisco NGFW with Firepower ( Requires Licensing $10/Month)
  • Nexus 9000v
  • Cisco FireSight Manager ( Requires Licensing $10/Month)
  • Cisco Wireless Lan Controller
  • Cisco WSA ( Requires Licensing $10/Month)
  • F5
  • Checkpoint
  • Juniper Srx and Mx
  • Customizable GNS3 setup lab with the ability to upload appliance image you require us to run
  • 24/7 Support for Rack and Free trial

If you have further questions about our Hosted GNS3 offering, just contact us . Alternately, you can chat with us.

Why use hosted lab? It gives you the ability to work on complex labs that require high end resources which will cost you more if you will purchase it for personal use. it provides you the freedom to start and end your lab at your convenient time, resume for later use and pick up where you left off so you won’t have to reconfigure anything from scratch. It saves you money with pay-as-you-go service if you only need to verify a particular lab or have to create/modify your network design. It offers Zero Setup Time so you can get down to your business without having to setup and troubleshoot your network connections. Who uses Hosted GNS3 with Cloudmylab

CloudMyLab has helped IT and Cisco professionals meet their lab needs. We have been a part of the success of the following professionals:
  • Cisco Aspirants – to achieve their desired Cisco certification (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE)
  • Cisco Trainers – to engage student learning through lab simulations
  • Network Architects – to develop efficient network design
  • Network Engineers – to provide quality support to their clients
  • Network Consultants – to offer smart network solution

Cloudmylab Offers Hosted GNS3 Trial. We have one dedicated POD, which can be scheduled for up to 8 hours of trial.


You will get a hosted instance of GNS3 which essentially can run a 8-10 IOS router topology or a couple of ASAs. Check out our pre built topologies when you start your session. GNS3 Trial Pod has 8 CPUs and 16GB memory. You also get a windows machine to manage your GNS3 instance and run everything efficiently.


Maximum trial session is for 8 hours. Once you signup on our website, you will be allocated 10 tokens that can be used towards GNS3 TRIAL.


Once you Signup, click here to choose the available timing on the schedule per your convenience. Here is how to Schedule Video you can skip the part of buying tokens since you already have enough to start the trial. After you have successfully scheduled your session, you will get an email from our Support group which will contain all the information on how to access your lab.

What do I do After I am In ?

Follow this PDF or Video

How to Access GNS3 Lab

GNS3- How To access the Trial/Subscription

CML HOSTED GNS3- How to Connect the Windows machine with GNS3

Hosted GNS3: Connect virtualbox VM to GNS3

GNS3-POD BIG-IP-Licensing and initial setup

GNS3-POD: WSA initial setup

Recording for GNS3-How to bring up Nexux9k and nexus7k