Lab As A Service

CloudMyLab offers its customer-managed lab services. We enable you to host any device, virtual or physical under the sun, right here with us.
Lab As A Service brings simplicity and agility to Managed Lab Services. It takes out all the anxiety of buying the hardware, planning the power, cooling, rack stack, and maintaining secure access.
Cloudmylab takes care of all that so you can focus on your business.

Lab As A Service Features and Benefits:

CloudMyLab will maintain, manage, monitor and procure all equipment and licensing for our customers. All hardware equipment that is incorporated, has remote power and remote consoles for fast service solutions.

CloudMyLab will document and build all your topologies, you can change anything anytime. We offer near perfect automation for most types of Equipment Management.

We can support any technology that you need. In most cases, we will find a tech internally, if not we will figure out a way to get your tech installed through our partner network

CloudMyLab partners with any vendors that our customers require. It is our job to get you what you need legitimately.

All Access to your equipment will be provided over Cisco Any connect VPN using Multi-factor-Authentication.

  • 24/7/362 Support
  • 99.9% SLA

You will always be assigned dedicated account Manager and Technical Staff with access to all your documentation on the cloud.

We provide dedicated Secured Physical Racks  and Authorized access to your equipment.  You can always review the access logs at your convenience. 

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Our dedicated internet connection provides at least 1G Symmetric Bandwidth and upgradable to 10 or 40G. Our services include Content Filtering on all inbound and outbound connections. We deliver end point security on all jump boxes and SIEM Event log analysis for all equipment.

Why Choose CloudMyLab?

Economy of Scale

Licensing for Various Vendors

Any Technology, Vendor and Platform

99.1% SLA

Highly Secured

Customized Golden Images

1:1 Instance with Zero Downtime

24/7/365 Priority Support

No Special Hardware or Software Needed

No Expensive Hardware or Maintenance

Special Corporate Pricing

No Long Term Contract

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