EVE-NG PRO Subscription

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From: $23.00 / week

You can choose from 1 week and 1/12 Months option to optimize your cost on EVE-NG subscription



EVE-NG Hosted service is a month to month subscription service with options to choose from 3/6/9/12 months. CloudMyLab is now an EVE-NG Premium Cloud Partner. And we are proud to announce EVE-NG as the newest addition to our Hosted Services Family. Also it is an extensive network Emulator with the super-simplified GUI and versatile features.


  • Fast and Secure
  • The first Client-less Platform
  • Automation and Integration options
  • Multi-Vendor Environment
  • Built on Open Source
  • HTML5 interface
  • Multi-user
  • Click and Play Topology Designed
  • Memory and CPU optimized


On-demand EVE-NG Hosted Service gives you the advantage to set up a proof of concept Lab or certification lab within minutes. Also EVE-NG Hosted service is designed with top-notch quality on Cisco UCS servers. And we also have a wide range of offerings to match your needs and give you unprecedented experience with EVE-NG. Cloudmylab offers EVE-NG  hosted in Two Flavors:

  1. Virtualized: EVE-NG runs on a shared server with dedicated resources per your choosing.
  2. Bare-Metal: EVE-NG is deployed on a dedicated server as an operating system. All the hardware resources are dedicated to EVE-NG.

If you have a specific need, we will happy to offer you a customized version of the hosted Service. Please contact [email protected] for your custom requirements.