Proof Of Concept Lab Services

CloudMyLab offers its customers Proof of Concept Lab Services. We help you determine if the product or service you are buying is right for your organization.
Proof of Concept As-A-Service carefully crafts the design to meet today’s technology landscape without having to own expensive gear, software, or Licensing.
The service helps your organization achieve its deployment, validation, or testing goals, keeping the cost and time in check.
Our professional services Industry Validated solutions back the POCAAS (Proof of Concept As-A-Service).

Proof Of Concept Lab Services Features and Benefits:

We will validate the configuration by putting them on same or similar devices with same software versions to ensure that customer migrations are successful, we will provide validated configuration appropriated for your migration and we will stay on standby to ensure successful migrations. Also, we will test and document any product feature for you as available on the vendor devices.

We help our customer develop scripts and apps for Automating the network and programmatically managing the infrastructure. Our Engineering and Technical Team is Dedicated to your needs CloudMyLab proudly presents a leading team of developers, technical engineers and support services. We provide our customers expert 24/7 dedicated support.

We help our customers build demos for their sales play and use cases. Most of the time sales teams struggle to close the deal since customer lacks experience on the product or technology and we help bridge that gap by making it real through demos and walk throughs.

We help customers validate the technology, solution and product before they get into an expensive buying cycle. We determine how to test things in a controlled environment and document the pros and cons. This helps the stake holders make an informed decision.

Currently Running Proof Of Concept Lab Services

  • Cisco SD-WAN (Meraki and Viptela)
  • Fortinet SD-WAN 
  • Versa SD-WAN 
  • Silver Peak SD-WAN
  • Velo Cloud SD-WAN
  • Cisco SD-ACCESS and SD-WAN Integration
  • Cisco SD-ACCESS with ISE and Wireless, Full Scale Enterprise Deployment
  • Cisco SD-ACCESS Multisite
  • Cisco SD-ACCESS (Fabric in a BOX)
  • Aruba Enterprise Wireless with ISE
  • Meraki Wireless with ISE and Umbrella
  • Cisco ACI Application Centric Mode
  • Cisco ACI Network Centric Mode
  • Cisco ACI Brownfield Integration
  • Cisco ACI Multi-Site Use Case
  • Cisco ACI with Hyperflex and UCS Director and VEEAM
  • Cisco ACI with NSX
  • VMWARE 7.0 with Tanzu and Containers

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